Moo Industrial Building

Cowaramup, WA

Designed to raise the profile of the industrial estate the building, containing 3 separate industrial units is located at its entrance. Like a large billboard the massive ‘MOO’ lettering allows the passage of light into the structure during the day and glows like a street sign at night. A discussion point in town and a clear marker for the area, the Moo Building serves its purpose.

Incorporating water tanks, and large areas of clear polycarbonate panels to allow for the infiltration of natural light, the building raises expectations for what this industrial site is. It’s an industrial area with a soul and a clear identity. The corner of the site that addresses the oncoming traffic has been landscaped to give the illusion of waves. Raised beds have been created in a scalloped pattern, covered in native rushes that fall in such a way as to give the suggestion of surf. An unusual sense of light and flow in the industrial landscape.

Client Starbay Pty Ltd