Medium Density Housing

Cluster Affordable Housing

Gosford, NSW

The 17 individual residences that make up this development sit just above the community hub or heart of the ecovillage. The site has been designed around an existing pedestrian street that links all the houses together and provides access throughout. The development is modelled on many cohousing principles.

The houses are modest and consist of one or two bedrooms, some apartments, while others are split level houses. The layout of the development has an emphasis on community building; providing shared facilties such as laundry, outdoor cooking and dining area in a shared garden.

All the houses have their living areas facing north, with access from the pedestrian street to each through a private courtyard. The layout of each house puts the kitchen to the street to allow for a connection to the public realm and then moves into more private spaces away from the street.

The houses aspire to the highest environmental standards. They are passive solar, incorporate photovoltaic panels, heat pumps, low VOC finishes and environmentally sensitive building materials thoughout.

Client Narara Eco-Village Co-operative
Location Gosford, NSW
Collaborators James Stockwell Architect
McGregor Coxall Landscape Architects

Banksia Grove Housing Development

Community & Freehold Housing, WA

This development for 18 dwellings was designed for Foundation Housing, one of WA’s largest developers and managers of affordable housing for people in need. It was designed to in such a way as to lead to more interaction between neighbours, by having them all overlook a walkway and shared garden.

The development tried to provide a wide range of different housing types: mixed freehold; seniors & family rental housing; together with youth share apartment; & commercial tenancy. The design tries to move away from traditional affordable housing, and takes much from resort and ecovillage design, breaking up the volumes and incorporating gardens throughout.

Client Foundation Housing Ltd
Location Wanneroo, WA
Collaborator Robert Allan

Clarkson Housing

Community Housing, WA

Similar in concept to the Banksia Grove Housing these 18 apartments sit in a communal garden and recreation area over two storeys. Close to the local train station, the desire was to pepper the housing over the site to improve privacy and a sense of personal ownership.

Client Foundation Housing Ltd
Location Clarkson, WA
Collaborator Robert Allan

Jersey Street Housing

Special Needs Housing, WA

Using the same approach as the previous projects Jersey Street was designed to cater for dependent individuals with special needs. It consisted of 8 rental units alongside 11 share apartments for clients with special needs.

Client Foundation Housing Ltd
Location Jolimont, WA
Collaborator Robert Allan