Objects – Sculpture + Furniture

Sculpture by the Sea – ‘Through the Looking Glass

Cottesloe, WA

Designed for Sculpture by the Sea 2008 the sculp- ture is a series of mirrored posts that rotate in sequence 5 degrees distorting the reflection and playing with refraction. You can see through the sculpture to the view beyond, but you can’t see your own reflection. The impenetrable surface explores ideas of depth and surface, vanity, ageing and patina.

The sculpture was bought by a developer and now resides in the light filled Cloisters Arcade which runs between St Georges Terrace and Hay Street.


Outdoor Granite Table

Designed to sit permanently outdoors the granite and steel table comfortably sits 12. Merging with the surrounding foliage the green Madagascar granite flashes opalescence in the changing light.


Extendable Timber Table

Designed and constructed by Kirsten the European beech table was made for a small apartment, it extends from 1.8 to 3 meters using 3 separate leaves.